Thursday, December 17, 2015

Tall Brown Grass on Eagle Mountain

In contrast to the last posting, here is one from this "winter". It's actually a rather warm toned photo that I took on Eagle Mountain in Milton, just a few days ago. It was not a particularly good day for photography, but I was fascinated by the light shining on this brown grass. And after a few steps in Topaz, the resulting image is my interpretation of a late fall day.

I am attaching the original image for comparison as well... maybe a good idea for future postings.

Burlington Waterfront

OK. It is December, but winter is nowhere to be found this year. While going through my photos from the past year, I stumbled across this January scene taken next to the Burlington Fishing Pier. Now THIS is winter! It was a Sunday afternoon, so the photo was taken against the sun. I took three exposures back then and just now developed them with my new HDR tool, Aurora HDR (by macphun and Trey Ratcliff). I am getting a hang of it and will probably do most of my HDR work with this one from now on...

For this particular scene, I selected a rather dreamy preset and went from there.